All facials include massage of the feet, arms, hands, upper back, shoulders, décolleté, neck, and scalp with the exception of the mini and back facials. Extractions are included in all facials unless otherwise specified by the client.

Both men and women may indulge in any of the facials listed, however, some products may be substituted to better suit the gender.

Mini Facial

Great for a quick rejuvenation! Includes cleansing, toning, light extractions, skin appropriate mask, and a scalp massage

$40, 45 minutes
European Facial

Relaxing facial including deep cleansing, manipulations, toning, extractions, and skin appropriate mask.

$75, 75 minutes
Rejuvenating Enzyme Facial

Biological enzyme facial powering away dirt, impurities, and dead surface cells while also improving sluggish circulation. The results leave skin wonderfully clean, fresh, and rebalanced. Ideal for all skin types.

$85, 105 minutes
Anti-Blemish Facial

Facial treatment designed to deep cleanse, reduce acne blemishes, and improve overall health and clarity of skin. Appropriate products applied after extraction to soothe redness and inflammation.

$85, 105 minutes
“Chill” Facial

Gentle treatment facial designed for skin suffering from capillary damage, rosacea, or skin with reddening tendencies. Leaves the skin fresh, hydrated, cool, and calm.

$85, 105 minutes
Vitamin C Infusion Facial

Anti-oxidant rich treatment formulated to restore clarity, texture, elasticity, and firmness to aging skin. Aids in fading pigmentation and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a clearer, brighter, and beautiful complexion.

$90, 105 minutes
Age-Defying Glycolic Facial

Fine lines and wrinkles ease as glycolic acid dissolves dead surface skin cells. A unique blend of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammation, and hydrators leave dull, dry skin soft, smooth, and radiant. Continuous improvement with each facial when a series of six is performed in two-week intervals. Ideal for most skin types.

Regular strength: $85, 75 minutes ($425 for series of 6)
Extra Strength: $90, 75 minutes ($450 for series of 6)
Parisian Peel Microdermabrasion

Created for uneven, sluggish, “lack luster” skin. Improves the tone, clarity, and cellular turnover through the elimination of dull, dead surface cells and the stimulation of blood circulation. Leaves the skin healthier, more even toned, and better able to breathe. Not recommended for sensitive skin, couperose skin, or skin with rosacea. May leave the red skin for up to two days, though not common.

$90, 75 minutes
Age-Defying Glycolic Facial and Parisian Peel Microdermabrasion Combination
$155, 90 minutes
Back Facial

A wonderful treatment to alleviate dry, itchy, or blemished skin. Back facials include a deep cleansing, a relaxing massage, extractions, toning, and layers of hot towels placed on the back over a skin specific mask. While in a deep state of relaxation, enjoy a stimulating aromatherapeutic scalp massage. After mask removal, a skin specific moisturizer is applied to the skin, leaving it refreshed and healthy.

$80, 75 minutes
Therapeutic Two-Step Eye Treatment

Cools and calms puffiness and lightens dark circles around the eye area.

$15 (available with facials only)
Layered Restorative Eye Facial

Improves circulation and hydration around the eye area. Decreases puffiness, tightens, and leaves the delicate skin refreshed and supple. (can add to facial or have as a separate treatment)

$35, 30 minutes